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  1. Onething 2017 

    1. Will my internet connection work for the live-stream?
    2. Can I Use My Account to Log In?
    3. Can I Use Another Payment Method Besides a Credit Card?
    4. Is it safe to use a credit card on this site?
    5. I paid for the live-stream on a different computer/device. How can I access the live- stream from another computer/device?
  2. Problems With Video Quality or Playback 

    1. Recommend Internet Browsers
    2. Are You Using Internet Explorer?
    3. Constant Buffering, Freezing, and/or Stopping
  3. Alternative Viewing Options 

    1. Audio Only Live Stream
    2. VLC Solution - Viewing Alternative, Separate Window Viewing
  4. Known Technical Problems 

    1. ** 9.21.17 Play Button Doesn't Work, Player Unresponsive
    2. **Live Video Error, Windows 7, OS 6, and Older
  5. Access From Mobile Devices 

    1. Onething 2016 App
    2. Streaming with iPod/iPad/iPhone
    3. Streaming with an Android Device
    4. My IHOPKC Mobile App Isn't Working!
    5. Streaming with a Windows Phone
  6. General Inquiry 

    1. Adding IHOPKC sites to your Exceptions
    2. Lyrics, Prayer Focuses, Scriptures on Screen
  7. IHOPKC Archives and Resources 

    1. Downloading Worship Content
    2. Weekend Service Archives (EGS & FCF)
    3. Conference and Event Archives
    4. Global Prayer Room Archives
    5. All Nations Prayer Room Archives (ANPR)
  8. Streaming on TVs 

    1. Roku
  9. All articles 

    1. Downloading Worship Content
    2. Adding IHOPKC sites to your Exceptions
    3. Roku
    4. Onething 2016 App
    5. Audio Only Live Stream

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